E-Commerce platforms are pretty bland. Aren't they? Not much has changed in the feel and look over the years. Billions are already flowing into metaverse platforms, whereas even some of the best e-commerce platforms still lack AR, VR functionalities that the customer is used to in other environments.

The online retail transaction volume has blown up in the past few years but the user experience has stayed the same - bland! Yes I feel really strongly about that UX of e-commerce platforms. How many times have you sent the links and screenshots of the products to your friends or loved ones to get another opinion or have that co-shopper experience?

Lo behold! How about a plug-in for the e-commerce mobile apps that allows one to talk with friends and add a layer of AR to place products in a real time environment.

E-commerce platforms now have an option to let their customers place products in their home environment and talk at the same time, for that co-shopping experience in the virtual world.

  • Plug and play extension to complement & enhance your e-commerce mobile app
  • Add a layer of Augmented Reality to your existing mobile app without a multi-year development effort
  • Continuous enhancements to provide the best experience to your customers
  • Customer insights & product insights to aid optimise your product portfolio

FreundAR Offerings

Seems change is around the corner. Don't let your customers leave your platform. Well, let them chat and co-shop with others.

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