Politics may not seem like a dirty game if we can gamify it and make the citizens - the young, the old an active part of some governance processes. Good governance should not just be a buzzword that the politicians use at the end of every term to come into power. It needs to be somehow measured, quantified and made visible to the masses. Participation of the masses, transparency on key matters, accountability of all responsible stakeholders are some of the key factors that help measure good governance. Find more on good governance here.

How to operationalise these factors and make those in power answerable has been a quest for many.  

The biggest democracy India, still lacks basic amenities, good governance and 'Achhe Din' only for the privileged few. The multi-party system although good for a healthy democracy and federalism, leaves a lot of room open for the classical blame game between the parties & administrators active at different levels. What's also true in the Indian context these days is a clear race between different political parties for winning the 'marketing blitz' powered by big money. Good governance is all but lost and the tax payers' money finding itself in these 'marketing blitz'.

Why not use this race between the parties for the betterment of the masses? Why not gamify some administrative governance processes? 

Smartphone usage in India is one of the highest in the world in absolute numbers, cheap data is abundant, digital awareness & tech savviness is bountiful.

I will talk about the gamification idea and the status of the MVP for the same in the next post.